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Recent Events

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Busy Work Day workers cleaning inside and out! 

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Recently Nancy & Percy were involved in an auto accident, no injuries but their car is in intensive care. Check their shirts in the photo for their main comments about the incident. Photo by Kathy Hall LeFevre.

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Serving Lunch At MSH Band Camp!

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P1200734.jpg (58264 bytes) P1200733.jpg (57887 bytes) P1200735R.jpg (75820 bytes) P1200738R.jpg (82086 bytes) 
A Busy Sunday . . . Donuts for Dads, Baptisim, Confirmation.

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Farewell Chuck & Gail Kerg!

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Just a few of the many workers working the Pots & Pans Ministry.

kergs1.jpg (113626 bytes) trio709s96.jpg (130856 bytes) . 711R.jpg (232414 bytes) 712R.jpg (263844 bytes)
The Kerg's Farewell and Red, White & Blue on 5/29/16

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sean6.jpg (208161 bytes) sean7.jpg (55304 bytes) sean8.jpg (67587 bytes) sean9.jpg (61084 bytes)
Christmas Eve Pageant photos by Sean Sheldon

a573.jpg (198098 bytes)
Trillium Winds Music For The Nativity Exhibit

danlynn.jpg (107071 bytes) mmppbpdan.jpg (99497 bytes) IMG_0154H.jpg (90144 bytes)
Ringing The Bell For Salvation Army

P1200618.jpg (66245 bytes) P1200619.jpg (70827 bytes) P1200635.jpg (1124829 bytes) clarketributeweb.jpg (369679 bytes)
God Speed Clarke
P1200620.jpg (62240 bytes) P1200623.jpg (75144 bytes) P1200625.jpg (80611 bytes)
Baptism of Anna Horton
P1200646.jpg (108517 bytes) P1200630.jpg (985739 bytes)
Welcome New Members!

IMG_0129 (1).JPG (73576 bytes)
Mission Fair

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P1200601.jpg (155104 bytes) P1200604.jpg (141467 bytes) P1200607.jpg (104731 bytes)
Bobbie & Mardy      Kim & Dan           Jerry                 

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Rally Day Fun!

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203w.jpg (74684 bytes) 204w.jpg (89263 bytes)
2054x.jpg (188759 bytes) 2084x.jpg (181615 bytes)
Pastor Tom's Commissioning June 14th, 2015
Click Here to see the full video on Youtube

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Work Day photos by Jennie

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P1200173R.jpg (63152 bytes) pano2hall.jpg (134144 bytes) P1200181R.jpg (63115 bytes)
First Wednesday Meeting May 6th, 2015
Honoring Nancy & Percy Hall

PT287.jpg (291574 bytes) r291.jpg (209593 bytes) r292.jpg (314819 bytes)
Pastor Tom                           Jon                                            Heidi
r300.jpg (289758 bytes)
First Wednesday Meeting April 1st, 2015
Awakening, with Heidi Zentz, Jon Clevenger & Jon Dech

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P1030276.jpg (58529 bytes) P1030278.jpg (46882 bytes)
Lenten Breakfast March 21st, 2015
Jenny Elliott & others from The Dewald Center

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P1030241X.jpg (135240 bytes) P1030251X.jpg (121583 bytes)
Jeanette Walls introducing  speakers Janet & David Miller
who just returned from a Thailand mission trip to teach English.

2306x.jpg (67278 bytes) 2346x.jpg (85174 bytes)
Lenten Breakfast February 28th, 2015
Lynn Feldman                         Valorie Abeale

P1030216.jpg (69319 bytes) P1030217.jpg (41433 bytes) P1030218.jpg (60692 bytes)
P1030219.jpg (63409 bytes) P1030220.jpg (64014 bytes) P1030221.jpg (66648 bytes)
P1030222.jpg (56960 bytes) P1030223.jpg (62885 bytes) P1030225.jpg (61738 bytes)
P1030226.jpg (58495 bytes) P1030227.jpg (54857 bytes)
1/31/2015 Mission Pots & Pans Project "Wash & Wrap"

4x203.jpg (95538 bytes)  4x135.jpg (80842 bytes)
12/25/2014 Lighting The Advent Candle 12/21/2014

chipinsanctuary.jpg (124145 bytes)
Chip Richter Christmas Concert

4x130.jpg (960619 bytes)
Lighting The Advent Candle 12/14/2014

8x170.jpg (258951 bytes) 8x178.jpg (301406 bytes) donny.jpg (63237 bytes)
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4x141.jpg (93647 bytes)
4x146.jpg (71513 bytes)
ddbstainedweb.jpg (168773 bytes)
A Successful Nativity Exhibit enjoyed by young and old!

4x119.jpg (197762 bytes)
Lighting The Advent Candle 12/7/2014

Lighting The Advent Candle 11/30/2014

First Wednesday Meeting - Pastor Tom talking Turkey and Thanksgiving
plus a great meal by Chef Doug & his crew!
trforweb.jpg (53453 bytes)

Welcome New Pastor Tom Roepke & Melinda.
cake4x.jpg (99076 bytes) table4x.jpg (74881 bytes)

The Thursday Men's Bible Study Group continues the "Tradition" of meeting
at the Beilstein home for a Lake Erie Perch & Walleye (provided by Dennis Walls)
luncheon and Bible Study.

A Very Successful Rummage Sale, Thanks to all who made that happen!
forweb2.jpg (109525 bytes)

Erma Becker & Husband, 1st Wednesday Speakers
1001141852-00.jpg (73564 bytes)

Thank you Ron & Cora Walker!
P1030072.jpg (56454 bytes) P1030078.jpg (47552 bytes)
P1030073.jpg (44626 bytes) P1030074.jpg (50763 bytes) P1030075.jpg (57527 bytes)
P1030076.jpg (50360 bytes) P1030077.jpg (52567 bytes)

Meet & Greet Pastor Tom & Melinda Roepke
P1200083.jpg (72748 bytes) P1200084.jpg (73035 bytes) P1200086.jpg (63632 bytes)
P1200089.jpg (60942 bytes) P1200091.jpg (64510 bytes) P1200092.jpg (60673 bytes)

cicle8x6W.jpg (261478 bytes)
waltchaffee.jpg (293677 bytes)  dondewald.jpg (273971 bytes)
Walt Chaffee               Don Dewald
                                             Stewardship              The Rose House - 908 Maumee

A big thank you to all those who helped with the Hog Roast on Sunday, August 27th. We could not have had this event without the support of those who provided funds for the hog, the variety of Cole slaws, set up and clean up volunteers. We served approximately 120 people. Families from the surrounding neighborhood also  and accounted for about half of that number. A good time was had by all.

Celebrating The Birthday of Linden Road Presbyterian Church - 1819 - 2014.

984.jpg (105261 bytes)

 983.jpg (145441 bytes)
     Celebrating Father's Day too!

Neighborhood Safety & Awareness May 15, 2014
Presented by Officer Garrick of Mansfield Community Policing Dept.
 P1190579.jpg (72990 bytes) P1190580.jpg (34776 bytes)
and Scott Zartman of Neighborhood Watch
P1190576.jpg (60786 bytes) P1190584.jpg (40955 bytes)

Mother's Day - Feast of Song 2014
choircd2014.jpg (150810 bytes) 
P1020914.jpg (69757 bytes) P1020915.jpg (59386 bytes)
 Happy Mother's Day!

First Wednesday Meeting May 7th, 2014
Honoring women who have been members for 30 or more years!

Click on the photo above to see more photos of the event.

Click here to see photos by The Hortons including electrical work at 908 Maumee.

Click here to see photos and video of "Walking The Labyrinth"

Discovery Retreat with Debbie Rundlett, 5/4/2014
deb1.jpg (62287 bytes)
If you missed the retreat, you may borrow a DVD of the Discovery Retreat.
See Nicki in the office.

The Final Lenten Breakfast 4/11/2014
P1020840.jpg (77873 bytes) P1020837.jpg (38111 bytes) P1020836.jpg (52417 bytes)
Featuring Spoken Images and special music by Mardy & Nancy

The Fifth Lenten Breakfast 4/5/2014
4x830.jpg (103993 bytes) 4x832.jpg (117220 bytes)
Special Music by Chuck & Gail  Hymns by Marty

 5x07.jpg (119316 bytes) 5x12.jpg (97551 bytes)
Pam                                       Edith
Guest speakers from Christ Presbyterian Church in Canton
at our First Wednesday meeting, April 2nd, 2014
Click Here to see a video of their presentation.

The Fourth Lenten Breakfast 3/29/2014
4x826.jpg (96868 bytes) mandplrpc.jpg (43479 bytes)
Featuring Charlotte Martin, Human Services Worker and music by Phil Pendleton

The Third Lenten Breakfast 3/22/2014
bkfstspkr1.jpg (65881 bytes) chuckgail.jpg (91352 bytes)
Featuring Robert Maxey of United Way and music by Chuck & Gail Kerg

The Second Lenten Breakfast 3/15/2014
5x815.jpg (66131 bytes)
Featuring Rita Lemley of Catholic Charities and music by Jerry English & Nancy Hall

The First Lenten Breakfast of 2014
4x791.jpg (66716 bytes) 4x780.jpg (82649 bytes) 4x782.jpg (64734 bytes)
  featuring Liz Pritchard        Music by The Kergs       Produced by Lyn Feldman

On Sunday January 19th Elders & Deacons were installed.
Donny Walter & Doug Beilstein - Elders
Liz Pritchard & Jerry English - Deacons

Liz             Doug             Donny             Jerry

Newly painted walls in the meeting room!
photo.JPG (100348 bytes) 2photo.JPG (69581 bytes) 3photo.JPG (113093 bytes)
4photo.JPG (106762 bytes) 5photo.JPG (71190 bytes) 6photo.JPG (102996 bytes)

New windows installed at 908 Maumee!
window1.jpg (109007 bytes) window2.jpg (80673 bytes) window3.jpg (118562 bytes)
windowworker.jpg (143605 bytes) windowinsp.jpg (135395 bytes)
The Worker                     The Inspection Team

First Wednesday - January - Family Movie Night
706.jpg (98621 bytes) 708.jpg (111779 bytes)
Dinner and a Movie          then closed with prayer.

The Christmas Sisters, Merry & Happy
aka Betty & Marty
(photo by Bobbie)
bettymarty.jpg (69211 bytes)

First Wednesday December 4th, 2013
P1020608.jpg (53371 bytes) P1020609.jpg (58177 bytes) P1020611.jpg (58597 bytes)
P1020612.jpg (70987 bytes) P1020614.jpg (64197 bytes) P1020615.jpg (73230 bytes)
P1020616.jpg (61950 bytes) P1020617.jpg (69977 bytes) P1020620.jpg (74479 bytes)
P1020621.jpg (69489 bytes) P1020622.jpg (82445 bytes) P1020626.jpg (62952 bytes)
P1020627.jpg (78305 bytes) P1020628.jpg (81400 bytes)

Sunday School Activities
photo.JPG (120262 bytes) photo2.JPG (129247 bytes)
photo3.JPG (118599 bytes) photo4.JPG (129920 bytes)

Hanging Of The Greens
C376.jpg (73920 bytes) C372.jpg (74285 bytes)
C356.jpg (64505 bytes) C357.jpg (69687 bytes) C359.jpg (101670 bytes)
C361.jpg (56113 bytes) C363.jpg (50854 bytes) C364.jpg (59547 bytes)
C365.jpg (57385 bytes)
C369.jpg (67672 bytes) C378.jpg (70935 bytes)

Click here to see photos of The Percy Hall Orchestra at the United Way Meeting 10/12/2013

P1170693A.jpg (86716 bytes)
A recent, very special concert paid tribute to the remarkable Percy Hall marking his retirement as conductor of the Youth Strings. For the past twelve years, Percy has dedicated his talent, enthusiasm and inexhaustible energies to The Mansfield Symphony Youth Strings.