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About Us

Pastor Tom Roepke
Jeanette Walls, Clerk of Session
Sheila Holloway Music Director
Nicki Horton, Administrative Assistant, Treasurer


The governing body of our church is the Session.  It consists of ordained elders who are elected as representative and spiritual leaders by the congregation.  The pastor serves as moderator for their monthly meetings.


Deacons are elected from the congregation and serve a 3 year term. Their activities include daily prayer for those in their parish, regular communication with parish members, communication with the pastor when a parish member family has special needs or requires help.  They also provide support and remembering through phone calls and cards, parish members birthdays and anniversaries, illnesses or celebrations.

160 South Linden Road, Mansfield OH 44906

There is handicap parking at the north driveway and an elevator is available.
 Use the east facing entrance near the center of the building.


 Contact us; 419 524 1633 - lindenrdpc@gmail.com - webmaster; pbp2@aol.com